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Since 2008, we’ve brought creativity to life around the world for some of the planet’s most innovative brands.

Today, Ivory is a transformative powerhouse of strategic thinkers, story makers and experience creators.

Working together across the marketing spectrum. Inspiring change and changing minds, in line with our shared values...

Across our portfolio, projects and processes

As a keystone, because results matter more than credit

For one another, our customers, and the planet

In everything we do

Marketing partners, we work in close collaboration with our clients.

Providing support on a strategic level, to deliver the message and impact
you need.

From a blend of experiential and strategic expertise you won’t find elsewhere

Thanks to vast international experience and deep supplier networks

Broad in-house expertise means you get joined-up thinking

And free to do what’s best for our clients

We are forever committed to advancing our skills, abilities and knowledge.

That's why we created Ivory Partners. Our marketing brain trust. A select group of game-changers, strategists and leaders we can call on for insight, outside thinking and fresh perspectives. Ivory Partners have been CMOs, brand directors, and heads of channel. They’ve led comms departments and multinational companies.

We partner with the best, so we can offer you the best.

And we understand that actions speak louder than words.

So we gift a percentage of our profits to good causes every year. In the past that's included supporting Contact UK, a charity for families with disabled children, and helping the David Nott Foundation train trauma surgeons to work in conflict and disaster zones around the globe.

It’s part of our commitment to living our values – in our work, across our operations, and through the impact we have on the world.

Some of the people you'll meet

  • Think: Winnie the Pooh
    Feel: Nature recovery & biodiversity
    Do: Walking my dog in the countryside

    Georgina Annett

    Senior Producer
  • Think: Good Vibes, Good Life

    Feel: Supportive family & friends

    Do: Marathon training

    Alice Carlo

    Project Manager
  • Think: The French film "Untouchable".
    Feel: Finding ways to make life better
    Do: African wildlife conservation

    Robbie Crittall

    Chief Executive
  • Think: The Sound of Music

    Feel: Family, music & the arts

    Do: Singing - Karaoke!

    Michelle Clarke

    Finance Manager
  • Think: Lisa Feldman Barrett
    Feel: Better stories
    Do: Crazy golf

    Lawrie Doran

    Senior Writer
  • Think: Rebecca - Daphne Du Maurier

    Feel: Gardening
    Do: Collected every copy of Vogue since circa 2000

    Susannah Dorrington

    Planning Director
  • Think: Phantom of the Opera

    Feel: Music to boost my mood & bring people together
    Do: My vegetable garden

    Emma Farwell

    Senior Event Manager
  • Think: Album: 5 Leaves Left

    Feel: Family, Theatre, Architecture
    Do: Wine & Design

    James Hodges

    Global Creative Director
  • Think: Becoming - Michelle Obama

    Feel: Live, love & be happy
    Do: Being still & connecting with yourself

    Siobhan Husbands

    Senior Producer
  • Think: The God of Small Things

    Feel: Friends & family, music, travel
    Do: Cooking, Pottery, Surfing

    Emily Hutton

  • Think: Book: 1984
    Feel: Album sleeve design
    Do: The allotment

    Ian Douglass

    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Think: A Thousand Splendid Suns
    Feel: Discovering new places
    Do: Exploring galleries

    Anna Schwinge

    Project Coordinator
  • Think: Book: 1984
    I'm interested in developmental disabilities in young children

    Do: I love cooking and trying new food

    Oana Cotoi

    Finance Assistant
  • Think: Doughnut Economics

    Feel: Meaningful communication

    Do: Active forms of transportation

    Kirk Le Voi

    Senior Designer
  • Think: The Midnight Library - Matt Haig
    Feel: A healthy mind & body
    Do: Sticking to my daily run streak

    Zoe Jones

    Head of People
  • Think: Gödel, Escher, Bach
    Feel: Art, design & architecture
    Do: Sculpture

    Matt Moate

    Art Director
  • Think: The City of Joy
    Feel: Feeling the sand between my toes
    Do: Weekend dog walks & long lunches with friends

    Andrea Lee

    Managing Director Americas
  • Think: Works & thoughts from Bourdain, Bukowski and Peter Beard

    Feel: Diversity & Inclusion + Coffee.
    Do: Muay Thai, Fly Fishing and placating my wanderlust.

    Laurence Paverd

    VP and Head of Production in the Americas
  • Think: I think therefore I am
    Feel: Time with friends and family
    Do: Long country walks and Sunday lunches, usually combined

    Jon Hodges

    Digital Director
  • Think: The Outlaws 2017
    Feel: Giving back more than I receive
    Do: Being at peace in nature

    Martha Mason

    Project Manager
  • Think: Epictetus
    Feel: Helping others to see more clearly with confidence
    Do: I read a lot & write a little...

    Buchilo Moyo

    Management Accountant
  • Think: "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken" - Oscar Wilde

    Feel: Travel, film, learning
    Do: Renovating a house in Italy

    Tom Oliver

    Managing Director
  • Think: Coming to America
    Feel: Music, voice & vocal sounds
    Do: Interior Design/DIY -

    Norah Opara

    Head of Client Partnerships
  • Think: Graham Greene novels

    Feel: Jazz, cycling and art

    Do: Tennis and hiking

    Ben Hocken

    Executive Producer
  • Think: The French Dispatch by Wes Anderson

    Feel: Art as a force for positive change

    Do: Founded the Flaming Lady of Hay, a small Arthouse in Hay on Wye

    Ami Cadillac

    Live Performance Director
  • Think: Marina Abramovic

    Feel: Making connections

    Do: Cooking and discovering new dishes

    Morgane Rey-Lescure

    Project Coordinator
  • Think: “Well done is better than well said.” - Benjamin Franklin

    Feel: Learning and growing
    Do: Reformer Pilates, karting

    Ramona Serban

    Head of Group Finance
  • Think: Daniel Dennett

    Feel: New Technologies & their societal impact
    Do: Reading, Walking & Travelling

    Nour Laouisset

    IT Manager
  • Think: Mutant Message Down Under
    Feel: Listening to music

    Do: Spending time with family, especially my nephew

    Berta Tortajada

    Senior Producer
  • Think: A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle

    Feel: Travel and immersing myself in new cultures

    Do: Attending NBA games

    Lorena Alcantara

    Production & Logistics Coordinator
  • Think: Top Gun
    Feel: Solutions
    Do: Watching waves crashing and dramatic swells

    Brooke Ashman

    Global Marketing Strategist
  • Think: The Wind in the Willows

    Feel: Henri Matisse, Flowering trees, Arsenal Football Club

    Do: Cooking

    Charles Turley

    Film Director

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