Sustainability Policy

Ivory is an award-winning independent creative experience agency delivering projects globally. Through our connected offerings in design, digital, marketing and content, we create new ways to bring brand experiences to life, inspiring action, creating fans and driving measurable change.

Our proven project frameworks let us deliver excellence, seamlessly. An integral part of this is to ensure sustainability is woven into our event management processes through the development and implementation of a Sustainable Event Management System (SEMS), which meets the requirements of ISO 20121:2012 (International Standard for Event Sustainability) and ISO 14001:2015 (International Standard for Environmental Management).

Our Commitment

We understand that our activities can have both negative and positive environmental, social and economic impacts throughout the event lifecycle both on and offsite. We are committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution, creating a positive legacy and demonstrating leadership within the events industry. We measure our performance against four governing principles of sustainable development: stewardship; inclusivity; transparency; and integrity. These, together with this policy, provide a framework for developing our objectives and targets.

In particular we will:

  • Ensure compliance with all applicable legal and other sustainability requirements;
  • Engage with key interested parties to identify, address and raise awareness about environmental, social and economic impacts and the benefits of taking action;
  • Communicate this policy to all employees, venues and suppliers and evaluate competence to meet our sustainability objectives;
  • Monitor, measure and review our sustainability performance to achieve continual improvement; and
  • Share learnings with key interested parties and collaborate to find a solution to the pressing issues our planet faces.

Our Vision

To inspire positive change by operating a certified sustainability management system that ensures we integrate sustainability into our entire business strategy and the projects we deliver for our clients.

Our Objectives

A strategic and operational materiality assessment has given rise to the following objectives. These are implemented on the event through our unique sustainability plan, BOSS, which enables us to implement the Best Overall Sustainable Solution and:

  • To review and enhance processes and practices
  • To measure and reduce our carbon emissions
  • To improve internal resources, training and awareness
  • To work with our supply chain to deliver increased sustainability
  • To create measurable and meaningful positive change
  • To gain sustainability-related certifications; and
  • To support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

This policy is annually reviewed by senior management and is available to staff, suppliers and other interested parties, as applicable. It is supported by a certified Sustainable Event Management System, which is audited annually by a third-party Certification Body.

July 2023

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