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The climate crisis affects us all. It's a problem that demands holistic thinking. Everyone who works for Ivory, and everyone who works with us, shares the responsibility.

Our footprint, our customers' footprint, their audiences' footprint... at Ivory, we consider the overall impact our work has on the planet and promote meaningful change in all that we do.
Robbie Crittall, CEO

Our aim is to inspire positive change by integrating sustainable practices into our entire business strategy, and throughout the projects we deliver.

To achieve this, we’ve identified four goals:

  • Measure and reduce our carbon emissions
  • Continually review and enhance our processes and practices
  • Improve our internal resources, training and awareness
  • Work with our supply chain to be sustainable more widely

So far, we’ve backed up this commitment by attaining ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and ISO 20121 (Sustainable Events).

But it’s not just about running our business in a way that reduces environmental impact. It’s about trying to make a real difference.

And so we added a fifth goal to create meaningful change.

This one’s about more than making what we do sustainable. It’s about inspiring others. We partner with some of the world’s biggest brands to ensure that, whatever we do for them, it moves their audience towards meaningful change.

Sustainability isn’t a box to tick. It’s integral to all that we do and the stories we tell.

We will push for change in our work with you. And in turn we hope you’ll hold us accountable. To that end, we’re sharing our goals and programmes for years to come. You can learn more by reading our sustainability policy.

Contact us to find out how Ivory can help shape your sustainability story, programmes and events.

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