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Hawcroft’s new look

James Hodges | Creative Director
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Risk management company Hawcroft asked Ivory to rejuvenate their brand, elevating it into something that could carry the company forward into the future, while shoring up their impressive reputation.

Specialists in the mining industry, Hawcroft are well-regarded and trusted as a badge of quality.

We needed to craft an identity and voice that would embody this quiet confidence, but also create room for Hawcroft to step outside their familiar circle to embrace new markets, and appeal to a new generation of talent.

We also proposed a ‘virtual roadshow’ to launch the new brand to the world, as a way of navigating the challenging conditions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

We were able to create a visual identity and message that got to the heart of who they are.

Towards a new identity

We began as we always do by researching the essence of the company. Investigating how Hawcroft are seen by their clients, partners and competitors.

From this, we were able to create a visual identity and message that got to the heart of who they are and worked as a valuable appeal to customers.

The result was a grown-up brand with a premium, aspirational aesthetic that worked as an embodiment of Hawcroft’s quality reputation. We put the refreshed brand into action by creating a new website for Hawcroft and a dynamic short film to introduce the company.

The end result

Ivory produced Hawcroft’s first ever virtual event to launch the new brand – which was fully attended by an audience from across Europe, the UK, Australia and the Americas.

The new brand stands as a clear, concise introduction to the quality of their work and, crucially, also adds new dimensions to the company that will help it thrive in the future.

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