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Bringing technical subject matter to life

Charles Turley | Filmmaking Partner
1 min
After years of working with tech companies and B2B clients, one of our strengths as an agency is the ability to bring technical subject matter to life.

There are times when your brand will need to communicate complexity – or speak to a particular expert audience – or prove why your solution is perfectly tailored for a specific industry.

It doesn’t matter if the subject matter is knotty. You still need to communicate in a clear and engaging way. Because whether you’re fighting the noise and bustle of a busy exhibition hall, or the distractions of online environments, you need to get your audience to listen.

We can help with that. Ivory creates content for any media, with the technical savvy and originality to make it compelling and informative.

A good example? The short animations we’ve created for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. HPE often needs to communicate complex subject matter to showcase their industry-tailored solutions. Smart cities, closed loop manufacturing, composable infrastructure… the list goes on.

In the past, this meant they’d have to bring subject matter experts to tradeshows and events – who might only be needed for a few important conversations. Ivory set out to help HPE improve things, with a series of explainer animations to act as a short but thorough introduction to these subjects.

We began with a thorough research period, working closely with HPE subject matter experts, then proposed different story ideas to the marketing team. The chosen concepts became three-minute, story-driven videos.

All were honed to cut through complexity and work in often-hectic live environments. Our animations have been used at HPE events around the world, freeing up budget for HPE by standing in for specialists. Our fast workflow gives HPE the agility to create new videos at short notice.

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