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James Hodges | Creative Director
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Too often, creative agencies act on autopilot. Shooting a film or scribbling a whitepaper without considering whether it’s the most fitting creative route.

When it comes to content creation, we like to think of ourselves as devoutly agnostic. Ivory’s creative department is varied and multidisciplinary, which lets us identify the most appropriate and effective route.

Here are three times we found an inventive way to tell a complex story, and fit message to medium.

I have just seen the exhibition this morning. It provides a deep connection to what it can be to be a PSO patient. Congratulations on this high achievement. It is profoundly moving.
Laure Nas de Tourris, UCB Head of Patient Value Solutions

1) Sherpany’s expert voice

Sherpany is a scale-up technology company whose meeting management software has helped thousands of businesses boost their productivity.

As they grew beyond their native Switzerland, Ivory worked with Sherpany to build out their brand, attract the right audience, and increase their sales pipeline.

Sherpany’s initial request was for a conference, but after hosting brand workshops to understand their strategy we were able to propose a more valuable approach that would really hit their objectives and position them as leadership experts.

Our content campaign was designed to appeal to Sherpany’s senior management target audience. The central pillar was ‘The Agenda’, a twelve-part podcast series delivering useful insight to this time-poor audience.

Each episode featured an accomplished former BBC journalist guiding CEOs, CMOs and leadership experts to share their thoughts and experiences on the topic of leadership.

We then created a virtual conference that followed on directly from the podcast, pulling everything together and introducing the audience to Sherpany’s offering in detail.

The virtual conference exceeded Sherpany's target number of attendees. By drawing in a valuable listenership and connecting them with Sherpany, our campaign generated better brand awareness and tangible sales leads for this rapidly growing brand.

2) HPE’s cinematic journey

The ‘transformation journey’ is a term describing the transition from old physical telecoms infrastructure to newer digital systems. It’s technical subject matter, and HPE needed to make it engaging. When we spoke to their transformation experts, and heard their enthusiasm, we knew how.

We made the journey tangible, filming a cinematic documentary about the real HPE experts on a cross-Europe roadtrip to see a client. On the way, they discuss the transformation journey process, articulating the subject clearly and candidly, as only they can.

3) UCB’s cabinets for empathy

Anyone can tell you the facts, but pharmaceutical company UCB wanted to do more than inform. They asked us to create an installation that would tour their global offices, with the aim of giving employees meaningful context for a new psoriasis treatment.

The raw materials were patient stories about the hidden burdens of the condition. Psoriasis is life-changing, and you need to know what it’s like to live with before you can start to understand it.

Our installation included three central exhibits - a stylised wardrobe, closet and cabinet. Each explored the tension between external psoriasis symptoms and internal perceptions.

In each, visitors found visual tokens illuminating quotes and recordings from real patient stories. The tokens were designed to be tactile and immediate, connecting stories to physical props like clothing and everyday objects.

Opening and closing the installation were two doorways with text that outlined what UCB is doing to help.

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