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Inside the Ivory studio

Ian Douglass | Senior Designer
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One of Ivory’s points of difference versus other agencies is we have made a point, over the years, to nurture an in-house multidisciplinary creative department.

Our studio is made up of experts in 2D, 3D, architectural, graphic and motion design – plus narrative development, content creation, scriptwriting, animation and filmmaking.

As a dedicated team, working together for our clients under one roof, the Ivory studio is…


Working with clients’ brand teams and within brand guidelines is second nature to us. But it doesn’t stop us from challenging and pushing what your brand can be. Clients trust us to embody their brands effectively, appropriately and consistently – across digital and physical spaces.


As one agency with many strings to our bow, we bring together creative and production under one roof. This lets us offer you a joined-up creative route, applied perfectly throughout production, and you have one point of contact to keep roles and responsibilities clear.


Offering in-house services that many agencies don’t means we can be very cost effective and agile. And for anything we can’t do in house, Ivory has a broad international network of partners and freelance specialists to call on – for niche expertise and creative variety.

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