Building a village...

For the Temenos Community Forum

James Hodges | Creative Director
3 mins
41 of the world’s top 50 banks rely on Temenos to process the daily transactions of more than 500 million customers.

Recently, the brand was at a crucial moment. After years of selling a physical product, they were now evolving into a cloud-based service provider. This meant big changes for everyone, across the organisation.

To keep pace with this seismic shift, Temenos culture and the Temenos story needed to move forwards, too.

This is the kind of wide-ranging strategic marketing support where Ivory really excels. So we were excited to get going.

Temenos Community Forum by the numbers: 1,400 attendees, 57 expert speakers, 45 interactive sessions and more than 20 demos.

Working with Temenos brand strategists, we helped reimagine how messages would be delivered at events – elevating stagecraft, presentations and presenting style. Our aim was to craft a narrative around the change in Temenos’ business and make product demos story-driven.

From there, we created a range of different brand experiences. The centrepiece was Temenos Community Forum – a chance to bring all the brand’s channel partners together and showcase new solutions.

The 2023 event would be held over three days in Vienna. And we had three main challenges to solve in order to make TCF everything it could be...

The balance challenge

Ivory delivered TCF 2023 end-to-end, including strategy, content, design and messaging – and production, technical delivery, and logistics.

To bring the plenary to life, we designed a bespoke environment, then worked with the Temenos comms team to hone speaker presentations and create supporting content. For the breakout sessions, we juggled five different tracks, working with multiple stakeholders on design and format.

When it came to the TCF expo, we needed to build a small village – with ten Temenos business units and 45 different partner sponsors who all needed space to showcase their work.

The expo space had to have the flexibility to celebrate this chorus of voices, while still feeling like one big, unified experience. To achieve this, we divided it into three areas. One for the Temenos business units and two for the sponsors. A layout that made best use of the larger space.

Each area was washed in a bold block colour drawn from the Temenos brand palette. This gave all three a strong visual identity, while allowing for a plurality of experiences and brands within each. Individual companies connected in a larger ecosystem of Temenos branding.

Beyond the expo, we created a unified visual identity that was woven boldly through every element of the attendee experience.

The audience challenge

Without breaking the feeling of unity, we needed to make the first night of TCF 2023 work for two different audiences: the main guestlist of partners and staff, and a smaller VIP group of ‘Ambassadors.’

To achieve this, we first brought the VIP audience together for an early evening Ambassadors Reception. The smaller audience found themselves in a hospitality space wreathed in huge white curtains, where they had a chance to get together and network.

Then, in a surprising twist, the white curtains parted, revealing to the VIPs that they were actually standing inside a much larger warehouse – a former meatpacking factory – where a full festival’s worth of entertainment was laid out and waiting for them.

And as the VIPs went out into this larger space, which featured a Viennese brass band, aerialists, contortionists, contemporary dancers and DJs, and more, they were joined by the rest of the TCF audience. Two experiences merged into one unified whole.

The Hofberg challenge

The Hofburg is a venue you can’t say no to. As the former imperial palace of the Hapsburg dynasty, emperors have had their weddings there and it has its own classical orchestra.

We agreed with Temenos that it was the perfect place for TCF’s second night celebration event. The challenge the space presented was its layout – a series of small rooms – which would make it impossible to fit everyone in the same space.

Our solution was to split the event into a number of different spaces, but join them into an amalgamated whole. We did this with live links between the rooms, so people could see what was going on elsewhere.

As guests arrived at the start of the night, they walked through the middle of a classical orchestra as they played – a spinetingling experience. After this they were directed to different rooms, where they found a smaller group of classical musicians playing the same pieces in time with the larger orchestra.

After that grand entrance, we programmed a varied evening’s entertainment with jazz trios, acapella singers and much more. Each act cycled through the different rooms one at a time, giving everyone a front-row view.

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