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Exhibition stands for Hewlett Packard

Andrea Lee | Managing Director Americas
2 mins
Exhibitions and exhibition stands come in all shapes and sizes. Our expertise means we can help you find the best site to meet your needs.

But wherever you are on the conference floor, whatever your footprint, we are experts at making the most of that space.

Here are three shows where we helped HP get creative, in small, medium and large spaces…

The new Reinvent was designed to bring people together, promote dialogue and celebrate innovation.


Keeping it playful at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair

HP Graphic Arts needed something that would inspire manufacturers and retailers at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair - the largest, most important fair in the industry.

Their aim was to educate an audience unfamiliar with the brand’s capabilities in product packaging and build awareness of how their digital print technology could be useful to the toy industry. Their presence at the conference had to showcase print personalisation, and the many ways HP empowers the spirit of play – all in a relatively small space.

Ivory created a unique theme for HP built around a simple idea. “Play with the box.” Instead of a tradeshow booth, we created a giant oversized HP box fort inspired by the kids who ignore the toy to play with the box it came in – making something incredible out of cardboard and their imagination.

The stand represented packaging personalisation at its finest, while also creating a canvas to show off HP Print’s case studies.

Filled with collateral, interactive experiences, and a print personalisation station, it met the brand’s multiple aims with one clear concept.

HP’s distinctive presence at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair led to excellent feedback from visitors. The engaging interactive nature of the design language drove huge interest in HP Graphics Arts, helping position their unique offering and leaving them with many qualified leads.


Seeing the wood for the trees at Bett

Bett is the world’s leading education technology show. In 2022 and 2023, HP wanted to show how their devices enable ‘blended learning’ where lessons take place both in the classroom and remotely.

To do this, we brought the outdoors indoors with “the HP Forest School” – unifying message and product in an active embodiment of blended learning.


Defining the moment at HP Reinvent

HP gets one moment every eighteen months when employees and partners are all in the same room. It’s called World Partner Forum. After spinning off their data systems business in 2017, they needed a new kind of forum to embody the new HP.

But with an audience of thousands, representing many different concerns, how could they ensure everyone was heard, felt valued, and took in the company’s vision for the next eighteen months?

We began by giving it a new ethos and a new brand: HP Reinvent. Simpler and bolder, this was a spirit we could apply to every element of the large space we’d be inhabiting. The spirit of reinvention informed our design, which remixed classical architecture with strikingly modern installations. For the general session, we reinvented the plenary with giant ‘video mirrors’ that put the audience on stage to show how much HP valued them.

The new Reinvent was designed to bring people together, promote dialogue and celebrate innovation. And the results speak for themselves…

96% of the partner attendees said they are excited about the future of their partnership with HP. 93% committed to attend again next year. 843 one-to-one meetings took place between partners and HP executives and Reinvent generated 32.9M social impressions, 2,500+ posts, and 550+ articles.

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