The ocean in a box...

How we made waves for HPE

Matt Moate | Art Director
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Here are two things we believe: one, interactivity is powerful. It encourages immediate, lasting understanding. Two, the impressive work done by technology companies often goes unnoticed. Hidden between lines of code.

Ivory has the experience and understanding to make the intangible tangible, with hands-on exhibits that bring hidden processes to life. An example we’re particularly proud of is the interactive ‘ocean in a box’ we created for Hewlett Packard Enterprise...

HPE wanted to showcase their work with Carnegie Clean Energy, helping harness the power of wave energy. HPE’s role in this partnership involved supercomputing and machine learning.

We thought about a number of different ways to tell this story – through live action video, explainer animations, or print – but decided that the best thing was to make this impressive endeavour real.

Our solution was the Wave Tank. A scale model of Carnegie Clean Energy’s CETO wave energy buoy, floating in an interactive wave tank, to convey how it captures the power of the sea.

This made the subject approachable and understandable. To make sure we didn’t sacrifice detail, we supplemented the exhibit with interactive animations on four supporting screens, so people could dive into the more technical detail of this inspiring technical achievement.

Taken as a whole, it’s an interactive and engaging way for HPE to promote how their pioneering AI work is helping turn the motion of the ocean into renewable electricity.

Wave Tank was designed to be a permanent exhibit for HPE’s Houston HQ. Due to its popularity, it was also taken to ISC 2022 in Hamburg, HPE Discover Las Vegas, and Riyadh’s LEAP Tech Conference.

The exhibit was designed to work for different audiences. On a busy tradeshow floor, the model ran continuously accompanied by subtitled animations. In the quieter lobby of HPE headquarters, the experience was more individual: visitors could choose different wave heights/shapes to vary how the wave generator responded, and animations ran with voiceover.

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