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The Trailblazers incentive scheme

Andrea Lee | Managing Director Americas
1 min
Motivating your teams to deliver on their targets means offering them something unique. We develop incentive schemes powered by money-can’t-buy experiences.

But success is about more than just rewards – we build anticipation, spur competition and weave a creative red thread through each of our programmes. Elevating them into something worth working towards.

Software company Micro Focus wanted an incentive programme to supercharge their sales teams. Once-in-a-lifetime rewards that would push them to perform even better and drive sales in a culture both fun-loving and competitive.

Ivory developed a brand and visual identity for the programme, ‘Trailblazers’, which celebrated the winning spirit of Micro Focus sales leaders and captured the unforgettable nature of what was up for grabs.

As for the rewards themselves… winning Trailblazers found themselves touring Vietnam by Vespa, getting VIP treatment at the Superbowl, scuba diving off Costa Rica, walking the red carpet at the MTV Music Awards, and out on safari in Zambia.

Ivory took care of everything. Meet and greets, concierge, personalised gifts, logistics and transport. Each experience was tailored to the individual, with personalised communications and a customisable menu of additional activities. Event microsites hosted all the information winners could ever need, alongside a social platform where Twitter and Instagram feeds were integrated to create a thriving Trailblazer community.

At the end of the first iteration, following fantastic attendee feedback (particularly on our communication and personalisation options) Micro Focus asked Ivory to make Trailblazers a regular annual programme, helping incentivise future sales success for the company.

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