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Robbie Crittall | Chief Executive
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In today’s climate it can seem harder than ever to meaningfully connect with your audience. But we’re here to help you reach the most people in the most powerful way, with measurable results.

We want to be the catalyst for your business. Recent industry research from Gartner has identified the importance of ‘catalyst experiences’ in making a splash with new and existing audiences. These are experiences whose content and delivery are so powerful that they generate ongoing audience interaction - something we have already delivered time and time again. Creating with courage and clarity, and a focus on connectivity, is central to this approach. It’s also at the heart of our refreshed way of doing things. From the beginning, we will work with you to identify what you want your audiences to think, feel and do, so that we can craft targeted and captivating content that delivers meaning, meaningfully.

We can achieve this in a number of ways, drawing on one, two, or all three of the core pillars of our business to shape, support and realise your vision.

Think: We start with a fresh strategic approach. With your help, we understand what it is you want your audiences to think. Industry research from LinkedIn suggests that companies will spend 30% of their budget on brand building. To match and support this ambition, we’ve grown our strategy team so that we can continue to offer the most creative and resilient perspectives on marketing. We work with you to understand what makes you tick, and use this to engage your target audience in a precise and tailored way.

Feel: The industry also seems focused on engaging new audiences, with the same study from LinkedIn showing a likely investment from B2B companies of 36% in lead generation. For us, one clear way of reaching new people is by making those audiences feel. That’s why we work tirelessly to identify and harness the right medium for your message, drawing attention and capturing the imagination simultaneously. The encounters we craft are then activated by clear and compelling mixed media content.

Do: Once we have identified what you want your audiences to think and feel, we are ready to make them do. Research suggests that the industry is making powerful storytelling a top priority, with 46% of companies prioritising meaningful connection with a target audience. This is something we are already experts in. We have crafted countless compelling and engaging experiences that capture hearts and minds. Time and time again we deliver complex and important messages in immediate and impactful ways, such as when we turned the red carpet green.

Our response to the changing demands of the industry, coupled with our rich experience and trusted delivery, are supported by a growing team and an expanding portfolio. This resilient and responsive set up makes us the ideal partner to tell your story in the most compelling way, ultimately leading to meaningful connections with your audience.

It is important to remember that these connections go both ways though. We’re aware of the growing – and rightful – demands on the industry to foster sustainable practices. The meaningful connections we make should be underpinned by, and even empower, more sustainable choices. We know this is important to many of our clients, which is why we’re challenging ourselves to strive for more sustainable ways of working. Not only are we looking to use greener suppliers, contractors and even venues, supporting your sustainability goals, but we also want to create meaningful change within our own company. Our new sustainability policy does not just improve the way we work, but integrates sustainability into our entire business strategy. Tackling the climate crisis demands this kind of holistic thinking.

Last, but not least, we believe we have a duty to foster meaningful connections within our industry. Continuing in our role as catalysts, we have reinstated our coffee house experience, which brings a wide range of industry professionals together to network, brainstorm, and discuss the latest industry news. We believe in the power of the face-to-face to unlock new possibilities, and that extends to the wider relationships that span our working world. We hope to see you there.

A lot has changed here at Ivory Worldwide, with new faces, innovative ways of working, and a more robust and refined portfolio than ever. Whether you want us along for part or all of your journey, we hope you’re as excited as we are to see where the future can take us, and what meaningful connections we can go on to create, together.

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